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On-site Corporate Photographer

What is on-site photography?

On-site corporate photography or On-Location corporate photography is when a photographer brings the studio to your office. I bring a full backdrop and lighting kit that enables me to replicate the quality of a professional

portrait studio right into your place of business.



There are many positives to having an on site corporate photographer. For a busy business, your workforce can relax in the knowledge that they don't have to make an appointment on their own time to get their photos taken. You get all the photos at the same time instead of relying on each person to procure their own shots. Also, your photos will have a consistent "look & feel" because it was all done by the same photographer in the lighting conditions. Let us simplify your business photography needs so you can focus on your priorities.

Why is it a good time to get photos for my staff?

With COVID winding down and offices moving to a hybrid model, it is a great time to ensure your staff is well represented in their communications platforms such as Outlook, Teams, Zoom, Slack, LinkedIn etc. Lets see those faces!

What should my staff wear?

No matter the background colour, I recommend darker shades for corporate photography.  For both males & females, a jacket or blazer helps support the shoulders with for a more sharp look.  Avoid busy patterns which distracts from your staff's faces, For business headshots, bottoms do not usually matter.


  • choice of background colors

  • discount available beyond 10 people

  • 5-10 minutes per staff

  • photo delivered within 5 business days

  • Up to 50 people per typically 9am -5pm day


  • 10x10 foot room

  • Windows is not required


Costs & questions?

Please Contact Me for more details

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