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Gilbert Corporate Photographer

Yours Truly

Hi There,

How comfortable you feel with your photographer is paramount to the photo session. So before I begin the delicate task of taking your photos, I'd like to tell you a little bit about me!

By trade and through schooling, I am a marketer and studio artist. As it turned out, my training has little to do with how I started in photography.

I started out photographing objects, such as tableware, fruits and all sorts of things that I could get my hands on. (You can view some of those works here). A year later in 2005, armed with a point and shoot camera, I embarked on a 60-day journey to Eastern and Central Europe. This journey through historic places, monarchs, despair, and inspiring culture sparked an early interest in photographing people. I started taking notice of people, not in real life, but in paintings, and how they were depicted in museums with such precision and craft by the old masters.

Gradually I began to excel as a photographer in Toronto with a forte in shooting endearing family portraits, individual photo shoots, and even big occasions and memorable events. But my specialization and comfort in handling a camera with ease does not stop there. Is a cute and cuddly new member about to join your family? Well, experience the joy and excitement with your spouse at my innovative Maternity Photo Studio. I’ll help you capture those special moments in an artistic manner, eternalizing those sweet memories!

My motto is to create precision crafted portraits. I believe that constructing a great rendition of a human being requires many pieces to fall into the right place. I would like to thank my make-up artist, and everyone else who has helped me along the way.

Let me help you find your special moment in front of the lens!


Gilbert Chan Photographer
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